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We are convinced discussions and disputes can come to a solution easier and more efficiently through out-of- court dispute resolution, mediation or arbitration. But we put on our robes for those cases that really matter if there is no other way forward.

We want to be more than only lawyers. As process counsellors and changemakers we do much more than just providing legal assessments. We use our skills and talents to guide transitions and reorganizations through a strategic and process driven approach.

We are not only lawyers, but also entrepreneurs and researchers. As such, we are genuinely interested in the current developments within the area of the impact economy and in the political context in which our clients have to develop their activities. Our favorite field of action is the broad spectrum of different types of social entrepreneurs and the ecosystem in which they need to develop their activities to realize positive impact.

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Mrs. Marleen Denef (Partner)
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Impact Lawyers

Avocat engagé - droit des sociétés et / ou des associations
Impact Lawyers - 27/09/2019

Êtes-vous curieu(x)(se) et désireu(x)(se) d'apprendre au quotidien ? Avez-vous plusieurs années d'expérience en droit des sociétés et / ou...

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Impact Lawyers

Gedreven Advocaat - vennootschaps- en/of verenigingsrecht
Impact Lawyers - 27/09/2019

Ben je leergierig en heb je al enkele jaren ervaring in vennootschaps- en/of verenigingsrecht? Beheers je ook zeer goed het Frans en het Engels?...

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Impact Advocaten - Van professionele passie naar nichekantoor

Impact advocaten is gelanceerd door een gedreven team van vijf advocaten die focussen op een juridische ondersteuning op maat van vzw’s, sociale ondernemingen en impact-projecten. Daarmee bouwen ze samen een gevestigde praktijk ambitieus en toekomstgericht verder uit.

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