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Advocom stands for:

Advocate-company: an association of lawyers aiming to offer its clients comprehensive and competitive legal services, both within and outside the courtroom,

Advocate-complete: Advocom opts for a gradual and stable development of its comprehensive legal services practice through complementary internal development and education of trainees and staff as well as recruitment of competent external lawyers in order to be able to offer specialized assistance in all branches of law.

Advocate-competent: Advocom seeks to work with qualified lawyers in all major areas of law by ensuring continuous training and education of its lawyers.

Advocate-competitive: Advocom wants to be competitive in the legal profession by always seeking the best solution for its client’s issues. This implies a correct combination of legal knowledge and fair fees, and as such Advocom seeks to limit the costs and expenses associated with legal proceedings. This also means that litigation is mitigated as much as possible and that an extrajudicial solution will be sought when available. Prior to starting an engagement, clear and transparent arrangements will be made as to the costs and fees Advocom will charge. For each engagement, the maximum financial risk on behalf of the client can be agreed upon in order to avoid imbalances between the importance of the case and the respective costs.

Advocate-combative: in each case, Advocom shall, respecting laws and professional ethics, use its very best efforts to defend and proactively assert the interests of the client.

Advocate-communicative: bi-directional communication between a lawyer and his client is the fundamental basis for successful tackling legal issues. The client shall, in its own interest, keep Advocom fully informed of relevant issues and changes. Advocom will in turn, provide the client with on time, accurate information on the status of his case.

Advocate-compass: Advocom strives to be a compass, providing orientation for its clients in their quest to solve their legal problems. Advocom is always looking for the most efficient and cheapest way to address client issues.

Advocate-companion: Advocom wishes to be the companion and trusted advisor for its clients in the legal labyrinth and commits to a great involvement and personal treatment by the lawyer who manages the case. Advocom ensures absolute independence, commitment, and discretion in treatment of legal issues.

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