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Olislaegers & De Creus is an independent Belgian law firm, founded in 2002 and specializing in Belgian and European business law. Our firm’s client portfolio includes a large array of companies, often engaged in cross-border activities, ranging from small or medium sized Belgian or foreign companies to large international corporations. We also work for international trade associations.

At Olislaegers & De Creus, our philosophy is to provide clients with high-quality, yet pragmatic and solution-driven legal services aligned with our client’s business needs. Our lawyers are specifically trained to understand our clients’ goals and objectives and to keep focusing on these throughout the lifespan of an assignment. We care about added value for our clients. Therefore, every assignment is consistently handled by lawyers who have the appropriate specialized legal skills and business experience.

Olislaegers & De Creus has, since 2005, been consistently recommended by the EMEA Legal 500 legal guide for each of the firm’s main practice areas.

“Boutique winner of the 2014 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award: Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Belgium”

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Olislaegers & De Creus - Awerian

Advocaat ondernemingsrecht / vennootschapsrecht
Olislaegers & De Creus - Awerian - 28/10/2020

We zoeken een gemotiveerde en toegewijde advocaat; iemand die geen schrik heeft voor uitdagingen en met een lange termijn engagement omdat we...

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ODC and Clerens join forces

As from 1 January 2019, the Brussels’ law firms Clerens Legal Partner and Olislaegers & De Creus have joined forces and will practice under the common name Olislaegers De Creus & Clerens.

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Koenraad Flamant joins Olislaegers & De Creus as head of the Real Estate and Property department

Following the start up of Awerian, the integrated cross-border practice of boutique, business law firms in the European Union, Olislaegers & De Creus boosts again as Koenraad FLAMANT joins the firm as partner. He will head the Real Estate Department.

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Nieuw niche-advocatenkantoor met Europese dimensie

Het Brusselse zakenadvocatenkantoor Olislaegers & De Creus richt Awerian op, samen met vier andere continentaal-Europese niche-advocatenkantoren. Met die geïntegreerde cross-border samenwerking verlagen zij voor hun cliënteel de drempel om over de grens (meer) handel te drijven, joint ventures aan te gaan, financiering te bekomen, of overnames te doen met het oog op groei.

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Facebookfoto’s en privacy: wie niet weg is, mag gezien worden

Het Luikse hof van beroep heeft in een recent arrest van 16 februari 2016 (bron Juristenkrant) het gebruik van Facebookfoto’s toegelaten als bewijs in een zaak van burgerlijke aansprakelijkheid. De privacyinstelling van de gebruiker speelden daarbij een rol.

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What are social elections? An overview for the unitiated

In Belgium, all major companies are required by law  to organize at every 4 years interval social elections within their enterprise. In 2016 these elections must be organized on a date anywhere between May 9 and May 22. And the procedure is not a simple one. Dylan Casaer (Olislaegers & De Creus / Awerian) provides an overview for the unitiated.

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Wage moderation 2015 - As an employer, what extra payments can you still make to your employees?

The law of 26 July 1996 (law to promote employment and the safeguarding of competitiveness) (hereinafter the “1996 Law”) introduced a system of wage moderation with the intention of aligning Belgian labour costs with those of our neighbouring countries, i.e. Germany, France and the Netherlands. Where in the past this wage norm was a directive, it became a zero norm from 2013. This zero norm is also continued in 2015.

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