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Are you a bailiff's firm who needs to recruit a candidate-bailiff, legal clercs, paralegals or other legal support functions? If you are planning a a recruitment for your bailiff's office, LexGO will help you to find the ideal candidate!

As LexGO is the leading site for the publication of legal job offers in Belgium, we provide your legal job offer with unparallelled visibility. With LexGO, your bailiff recruitment advertisement can be seen by over 2,000 potential candidates per working day. Candidates can sign up for the Job Agents and receive appropriate jobs in the field of legal, tax, compliance, law firm support, etc. directly by e-mail, according to their profile. Each week, we send out over our e-newsletter to more than 6,700 opt-in subscribers.

Your legal or tax job offer is relayed via our various partners within the legal community for a very widespread publication. These partners include legal professional organisations (bar associations and young laywers associations, including Vlaams Pleitgenootschap, Conférence du Jeune Barreau, Jabkes, Carrefour des Stagiaires, …), the Belgian Institute of Company Lawyers (IBJ/IJE), the European Law Students Association (ELSA), legal publishers and websites (Larcier, Mijn Wetboek, IPNews…), legal training institutes (IFE, Confocus, Artelegis, …) and law student associations (VRG, Cercle de Droit, ANELD, …).

LexGO places a wide selection of tools and services at your disposal to optimise your bailiff's office recruitment. You will find an overview of our products and services lower down on this page.

To post a job offer online, send us an email ([email protected]) or call us on +32 (0) 2 808 13 46.

Standard advert: 295.00 €

Publication of a job offer on LexGO (60 days) - Jobs Agents (candidates who have registered in MyLexGO for the Job Agents receive the job offers of their chosen categories via email) - Automatic posting on the sites of our partners in the LexGO Network, who include all or part of the LexGO job list on their site or who show a click-through logo (including Institute of Company Lawyers (IBJ/IJE), VRG, ELSA, CJBB Namur, Vlaamse Conferentie bij de Balie, ...)

Prices are Ex VAT (21 %)

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